Friday, 24 April 2009

Krkonose,Czech Republic

Another first!!!
This one is from the Czech Republic and shows the mountain rangesKrkonose(Giant mountains) which is on the border of
the Czech Republic and Poland.
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San Marino

Ahh my first!!!
I love getting cards from places I never recieved before. =O ( i love gettign cards in general!)
Now all I need is a card from the Vatican City and I will have cards from each country on the Italian Penninsula
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This is my second card from the UK=]
Its of Hitchin a small(ish) town in Hertfordshire.
It is a really nice place to live (according to a friend of mine who lives there)
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This is my first card from Italy!!!
Taranto is located in Puglia and is a coatal town which faces the sea.
It is split in two , the old part and the new part, both are joined together by the Girevole Bridge
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My first from Lithuania!!!
Trakai is the old capital of Lithuania,
and pictured is the Trakai Island Castle, built at the end of the 14h century.
Looks like an awseome place to host events.
Now all I need is a card from Latvia and my Baltic collection will be complete!
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Thursday, 23 April 2009


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Ville et Chateau de Esch-sur-Sure, Luxembourg

My first from Luxembourg, thus completing my Benelux collection as I have from the Netherlands aswell as Belgium =D
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Wulingyuan, China

Baofeng Lake in Wuling Yuan, apparently the area is very famous for its scenery and most of it is quite remote due to the dense forests and deep valleys.
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National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall,Taipei

The picture is so beautiful and I love the fact that the sky is of two different colours.
A place I definitely need to visit.
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this is such a pretty card with a classic view of the mountains in Connemara.
Also my first card from Ireland =D
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Monday, 13 April 2009

Belgian specialties, Belgium

some awesome things to try out, especially the mussels and the chocolates...well every thing really=p
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La Catedral de Almudena, Madrid,Spain

Ahh, eso es uno de mi favoritos de Espana. Pienso que debe visitar Madrid, por ver la cathedral=]
Gracias Aurora, por su carta postal.
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Minsk, Belarus

My first from Belarus=]
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Nova Gorica, Slovenia

My first from Slovenia=]=]=]
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It's a flower carpet, how awesome is that!!
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