Wednesday, 17 June 2009


A prehistory park in Santiago de Cuba. Looks like a place that kids would love.
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The Five Storied Pagoda of To-ji Temple,Kyoto, Japan

I love the look of traditional asian architeture, and Japanese temples are some of my favourites.
Here the silhouette of the Pagoda is shown against the beautiful sunset....I need to visit Japan!
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Various from Finland

Here are lots of different cards I recieved from Finland over the past few weeks.
A sauna card cool!

창경궁 (Chang Gyung ),Seoul ,South Korea

Another one from Seoul! This one shows the Chang Gyung palace 창경궁, which is one of the five largest and most important palaces in South Korea.
I love the setting and background of this. When I was in seoul I visited Deoksogung and Gyeongbokkung but not Changgyunggung….maybe in the future =p
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The Kremlin,Moscow, Russia

The Kremlin, looks so beautiful with this lighting. I love the onion shaped domes because they look so organic and natural, yet colourful at the same time.
This is my first card from Russia so I’m glad to have received it.
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Zurich is one of Switzerland’s major cities. I love Switzerland and I’ve been there a couple of times for skiing and to visit my family. Zurich is really pretty, although I have not had the chance to explore it properly( I passed through the town on the way to the airport=p) but the buildings and architecture are beautiful.
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Santa Ponsa,Mallorca,Spain

Santa Ponsa, is on the island of Mallorca, which is in Las Islas Baleares.( my spanish fails here)
I have never visited , but it looks like a really nice place to go for holiday, especially with that blue sea.
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Hangeng RiverSeoul,South Korea

My first card from Seoul. I visited Korea 2 winters ago and I fell in love with the culture. But at the time I did not collect postcards so I missed out on buying them as souvenirs.
This card shows the Hangeng river which bisects Seoul. I actually had the chance to go on one of these boat rides, and the city is very beautiful. If you have the chance to visit then I suggest you do=]
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La Couture Boussey,France

These 3 cards come from a small village in the middle of the Beauce (the French Breadbasket). The area was well known for its many wind instrument factories during the 18th century, but unfortunately many of them are now shut down.

We have a house in the village, and a few weeks ago my mum went there, and bought me these postcards from the Museum there (it was set up to preserve the history of wind instrument fabrication of the village). Also as I play the clarinet, these cards are quite special to me.
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