Sunday, 4 October 2009

Postcard count so far =]=]=]


I was bored last week and decided to make a table of the postcards I had (like the countries they come from and how many from each)

~to tell you the truth this is a little bit outdated cause I recieved alot of cards yesterday and today~ XD

Country Cards
Afganistan 1
Austria 2
Australia 3
Belgium 4
Bulgaria 1
Brazil 4
Belarus 1
Canada 4
Switzerland 1
China 10
Czech Republic 1
Cuba 1
Germany 12
Estonia 1
Spain 6
Finland 19
France 48
Great Britain 3
Greece 1
Ireland 1
Israel 1
Iran 1
Iceland 1
Italy 2
Japan 13
Korea 23
Luxembourg 1
Lithuania 2
Malta 1
Nigeria 4
The Netherlands 2
Norway 1
Nepal 1
New Zealand 1
Phillipines 1
Pakistan 1
Poland 1
Portugal 3
Russia 2
Sweden 1
Singapore 5
Slovenia 3
San Marino 1
Thailand 1
Turkey 1
Taiwan 4
United States 9

total = 211 cards

and its been 12 months since i started postcrossing!!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


This I got from a french charity, one of my friends works with( I also got one of Nepal).
I guess its pretty rare to get one from the country so, its awesome to have it.
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Friday, 17 July 2009

한강의 Han River, Seoul, South Korea

오모나 another Korean postcard!!!
this time its of the Han river at night...I have one during the day already~^^
the title of the card is 한강의 [Han River] 야경 [Night View]...A nightview of the Han river.
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Two from Baltimore, USA

Here are two from Baltimore, one a private swap and another sent by my friend who went on a University tour(she's going into John Hopkins !!!)

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Munich, Germany

I have a few from Germany now ~ and as you know "Schönes München" means "Beautiful/Pretty Munich"
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another one from Portugal~ I really must visit.
Porto is where they make Port...which is awsome to bake with =P
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Here are two cards from Flensburg which is a city/town close to Germany's border with Denmark..i have yet to get a card from there...
anyways the title on one of the cards Schönes Flensburg translates to "Beautiful Flensburg"...which it is.
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