Sunday, 4 October 2009

Postcard count so far =]=]=]


I was bored last week and decided to make a table of the postcards I had (like the countries they come from and how many from each)

~to tell you the truth this is a little bit outdated cause I recieved alot of cards yesterday and today~ XD

Country Cards
Afganistan 1
Austria 2
Australia 3
Belgium 4
Bulgaria 1
Brazil 4
Belarus 1
Canada 4
Switzerland 1
China 10
Czech Republic 1
Cuba 1
Germany 12
Estonia 1
Spain 6
Finland 19
France 48
Great Britain 3
Greece 1
Ireland 1
Israel 1
Iran 1
Iceland 1
Italy 2
Japan 13
Korea 23
Luxembourg 1
Lithuania 2
Malta 1
Nigeria 4
The Netherlands 2
Norway 1
Nepal 1
New Zealand 1
Phillipines 1
Pakistan 1
Poland 1
Portugal 3
Russia 2
Sweden 1
Singapore 5
Slovenia 3
San Marino 1
Thailand 1
Turkey 1
Taiwan 4
United States 9

total = 211 cards

and its been 12 months since i started postcrossing!!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


This I got from a french charity, one of my friends works with( I also got one of Nepal).
I guess its pretty rare to get one from the country so, its awesome to have it.
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Friday, 17 July 2009

한강의 Han River, Seoul, South Korea

오모나 another Korean postcard!!!
this time its of the Han river at night...I have one during the day already~^^
the title of the card is 한강의 [Han River] 야경 [Night View]...A nightview of the Han river.
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Two from Baltimore, USA

Here are two from Baltimore, one a private swap and another sent by my friend who went on a University tour(she's going into John Hopkins !!!)

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Munich, Germany

I have a few from Germany now ~ and as you know "Schönes München" means "Beautiful/Pretty Munich"
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another one from Portugal~ I really must visit.
Porto is where they make Port...which is awsome to bake with =P
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Here are two cards from Flensburg which is a city/town close to Germany's border with Denmark..i have yet to get a card from there...
anyways the title on one of the cards Schönes Flensburg translates to "Beautiful Flensburg"...which it is.
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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Qajar Era,Tehran,Iran

This is another first, this time from Iran. It shows one of the city gates into the city,Qajar Era. Its really pretty with the motifs on the building and all...I didn't think it snowed in Iran!
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Jerusalem, Israel

My first from Israel, showing Jerusalem,the Old city. I'm really happy for this swap, cause it was my first from the country, and cause the card is so nice.
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Julian Alps, Slovenia

This is a beautiful morning shot of the Julian Alps(Julijske Alpe) in Slovenia.
They stretch from Eastern Italy to Slovenia and their highest point is 2864 km at Triglan(the highest mountain of the range)
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한라산의 철쭉꽃 The Royal Azalea Blossom Of Hallasan,Jeju Island, Korea

I am loving this card sooo much! Seriously I'm like a sucker for Korean and Japanese postcards.
And this card is super special because it's from Jeju, an island to the south of Korea and one of the locations for the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers)^-^
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Rice Terraces,Batad,Philippines

This card I recieved way back in April...(I have a massive back log of cards to be scanned and upped)
It shows rice terraces that were made 200o years ago by the Ifugaos(sp?), with simple tools.
Jane Betito sent this to me as a private swap and I would love to swap again=]=]
I really love the colours of the greenery in the card, and the shape of the terraces, even though they are quite old.(UNESCO site)
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Monday, 13 July 2009


Pretty with the lights no?
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Kaj Stenvall "An Individual" and "The Laws Of Drama"

Ahh, my second and third cards form this artist. Pretty popular.

Igreja Matriz,Resende,Brazil

Another card form Brazil, must be my third I think.
Anyways it shows a church (igreja in portugese) in Resende, where the sender lives...don't you just love hometown cards=D
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this is a cute one^^
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=]=]=] Another card from Italy, showing the city of Genova. Whats interesting is that I have one of Taranto(in Italy) that is quite similar to this card, so they look nice together in my collection
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Gittidas Plateau,Kaghan Valley,Pakistan

Another first! This time from Pakistan.
(I actually got this a while back, but I just recently scanned it and I'm trying to upload a few before I go on holiday)
Its a really lovely shot, especially how it pans out from the water and up to the mountains.
Thanks to Faisal Cheema =]=]=]
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This is my first postcard from Bulgaria=]=]=]
There are a few Bulgarians in my highschool and from what I've heard its a cool place to visit,and from what I've seen of the card a really nice place to visit.
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Midsland-Noord,Terschelling, The Netherlands

This is a watercolour painting of a small island in the Netherlands, where the sender of the card lives. I do art and watercolour is one of my favourite type of paints to work with...though the work I do is never as good as this=p
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Wednesday, 17 June 2009


A prehistory park in Santiago de Cuba. Looks like a place that kids would love.
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The Five Storied Pagoda of To-ji Temple,Kyoto, Japan

I love the look of traditional asian architeture, and Japanese temples are some of my favourites.
Here the silhouette of the Pagoda is shown against the beautiful sunset....I need to visit Japan!
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Various from Finland

Here are lots of different cards I recieved from Finland over the past few weeks.
A sauna card cool!

창경궁 (Chang Gyung ),Seoul ,South Korea

Another one from Seoul! This one shows the Chang Gyung palace 창경궁, which is one of the five largest and most important palaces in South Korea.
I love the setting and background of this. When I was in seoul I visited Deoksogung and Gyeongbokkung but not Changgyunggung….maybe in the future =p
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