Thursday, 16 July 2009

Rice Terraces,Batad,Philippines

This card I recieved way back in April...(I have a massive back log of cards to be scanned and upped)
It shows rice terraces that were made 200o years ago by the Ifugaos(sp?), with simple tools.
Jane Betito sent this to me as a private swap and I would love to swap again=]=]
I really love the colours of the greenery in the card, and the shape of the terraces, even though they are quite old.(UNESCO site)
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  1. Hello Dom,

    Glad you like my postcard. I am always open to swaps .

    Many hugs

  2. Nowadays nobody will build like this using modern machines, they are similar to Pyramids of Egypt experts said. That's why they called it "The 8th Wonder of the World". Have a nice day.